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Inamer, short for Industria Algecireña de Mecanizado y Reparaciones S.L. (Algeciras Machining and Repairs Industries, L.L.C.), is currently dedicated to manufacturing any type of part.

Inamer also focuses its work on metal fabrication and construction of metal structures. To carry out this work, the company makes use of a workshop conveniently equipped with lathes, mills, cutters, saws and welding equipment, among other things.

In summary, our work focuses on:

Machining: lathe, mill, ribbon saw (up to 370 mm), drill press, …
Welding: MIG / MAG welders, portable equipment to perform welding on site
Metal stamping / pressing: 200 ton press, 30,000 mm CNC cutter, 3,000 mm CNC cutter that can cut thicknesses up to 13 mm
Manufacture and modification of machinery according to customer specifications
Technical repair services, 24 hour emergency service
Available to transport and operate machinery.