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Technicalities: Flexi-Flipper

  • Elastic and flexible element against impacts and over strains being, at the same time, rigid against the strains and impacts during normal operations.
  • Made of first quality material.
  • Frame and geometry designed to suitably combine solidity during operations, absorption and flexibility against impacts.
  • Patented from the University of Cadiz and INAMER.
  • Engineering: Unique Machines (spin-off UCA).

Competitive Advantages

  • Reduction of the number of flippers to be repaired, either due to breakage or deformation.
  • Reduction of damages on the system or the structure of the spreader.
  • Reduction of damages on the vessel’s bays.
  • Absorption of impacts on the container and its cargo.
  • Reduction of downtime during operations.
  • Provision of safer working system.